Visa Purchaser Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 06/2016

Blackhawk Network (UK) Limited is registered in England under company number 05802971 and its registered office is 40 Bernard Street, London, WC1N 1LE. Blackhawk Network (UK) Limited is an Electronic Money Institution authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority pursuant to the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (firm registration number 900023).
1.1     The Gift Card will be active from the date set out on the letter received with the card.
1.2     The value that will be loaded on the card, will be written on the letter received with the card and can be checked at all times via
1.3     The expiry of the card will be 12 months starting from the date of activation.
2.1     The value of the Gift Card will be available following activation.
2.2     It can be used to pay for transactions at retailers who accept Visa payment cards up to the amount of the available funds.
2.3     The Gift Card cannot be used to withdraw cash from an ATM, bank or building society; to obtain cash-back from a retailer; or for adult entertainment.
2.4     It must not be used for any illegal purpose.
2.5     Each transaction requires electronic authorisation by the retailer.  Available funds will be immediately reduced by the value of the transaction once it has been authorised, the transaction cannot be stopped.  Once it has been authorised, if there are insufficient available funds the transaction will be declined.
2.6     The use of the Gift Card will be treated as authorised if asking a retailer to take it in payment and follow the instructions of the retailer to authorise the transaction (which may include signing a sales voucher or providing other information about the Gift Card).
2.7     If the Gift Card is used at some retailers (such as restaurants and bars) they may add an additional percentage to allow for a service charge and check the available balance before authorising the final amount. Mail order and internet sites may add a charge for delivery of any goods purchased.
2.8     The Gift Card cannot be used at an automated fuel pump but normally can be used by presenting it to an attendant.
2.9     We do not recommend using the Gift Card to pre-book services such as hotels and car hire companies, as they may pre-authorise an estimated amount of the final bill. This amount will be temporarily unavailable for a period of time.
2.10   If the Gift Card is used for a purchase greater than the available balance on the Gift Card the retailer may charge only up to the maximum available balance on the Gift Card and pay the remaining balance by some other means otherwise the transaction may be declined.
2.11   We will not send paper statements but transaction details are available by calling Customer Services or, if registered at
3.1     The Gift Card will need to be registered by the cardholder before it can be used to:
(a)    buy goods or services on the internet or by telephone;
(b)    see a history of transactions at and print a statement.
3.2     Registration by the cardholder can be done at free of charge or by calling a Customer Services Representative.
3.3     When registering the Gift Card personal information of the cardholder may need to be provided.
3.4     Blackhawk may ask at any time for a cardholder to provide us with additional information to confirm identity and address for fraud prevention and anti-money laundering purposes.
4.1     If there has been an error in a transaction you must notify us as soon as you become aware of this, and, in any event, not later than 90 days after the date of the disputed transaction. You can do this by calling a Customer Services Representatives or by writing to us.
4.2     If we re-credit a transaction and subsequently find it was authorised by you or has been fraudulent, we may recover the value of the transaction from you.
5.1     If the cardholder loses their gift card and do not report it as lost or stolen they will lose the available funds in the same way as cash in a wallet.
5.2     If they have registered their Gift Card and it is lost or stolen they can log on to their Gift Card account at
5.3     If they have not registered their Gift Card or cannot access via their Gift Card account they must call Customer Services to report its loss to stop further transactions.
5.4     If they report a Gift Card lost or stolen, and we do not reasonably suspect that you or someone with your consent has acted fraudulently, we can replace the Gift Card, with remaining funds loaded onto the card.
Our fees and charges are as follows:

Web Registration Free
Balance Enquiry (web) Free
Monthly Service Fee £1.50 a month  starting from month 6 after activation until the balance reaches 0.
Calls to Customer Services Free of charge
Foreign Exchange Fee Applied wherever a card is used for a transaction made in a currency other than the currency in which the card is loaded
2% of the transactional value will be deducted from the balance of the Gift Card. 
The foreign exchange rate will be the Visa daily rate;
Redemption Fee £4.95 per card

7.1     You will procure compliance of cardholder with the cardholder terms and conditions. 
7.2     The agreement between you and us for the Gift Cards begins on the date when you purchased the Gift Cards and ends on the date the Gift Cards expire.
7.3     The Gift Card cannot be used once it has expired or there are no available funds (i.e. the Gift Card has reached a zero balance).
7.4     We may suspend or cancel the Gift Card or decline a transaction if:
(a)    The terms and conditions of the product are breached;
(b)    we suspect any unlawful or fraudulent use of the Gift Card; or
(c)    we are required to do so by the law
and if the Gift Card has been registered, we will tell you as soon as possible unless it is unlawful for us to do so.
7.5     You may cancel the Gift Card agreement before it expires and redeem any available funds on all Gift Cards subject to a fee (see section 4 above).
7.6     If the Gift Card is cancelled or expires, any available funds can still be redeemed unless we have reasonable grounds for believing there has been fraudulent activity on the account we are required to withhold payment by law.
7.7     To redeem the available funds call Customer Services or write to us.  If the Gift Cards have expired you must make your claim within 6 years of the expiry date and after this period you will lose any balance.
7.8     Any funds redeemed will be paid in sterling by direct transfer to your bank or building society in the United Kingdom following completion of our redemption procedures.  The final amount will have the refund fees deducted.
7.9     If you redeem the Gift Card and any further transactions are found to have taken place we reserve the right to claim these back.
8          LIABILITY
8.1     You will be liable to us for all losses which we suffer as a result of the misuse or fraudulent use of the Gift Card by someone with your consent.
8.2     Subject to section 5above we will not be liable for any losses suffered due to:
(a)    anything beyond our reasonable control;
(b)    any malfunction of the Gift Card where this is not within our reasonable control;
(c)    use of the Gift Card in breach of these terms and conditions;
(d)    any retailer refusing or being unable to accept the Gift Card; or
(e)    the goods or services purchased with the Gift Card.
8.3     Nothing in these terms and conditions will limit our liability for any loss which we are expressly prevented from excluding by law.
9.1     We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions to take into account any changes in the law or any regulation.
9.2     Where possible we will give you at least 2 months notice of any changes we make to the terms and conditions, which will be made available at
9.3     If we make any changes to the Gift Card and you do not tell us these are not acceptable you will be deemed to have agreed to them.  If you notify us that the changes are unacceptable we will cancel the Gift Card and redeem the available balance.
9.4     The latest version of the Terms and Conditions is available at
Customer Services Representatives are available between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday.
Contacting us:
Our Customer Services can be contacted by:
Telephone on 0808 234 2777
Writing to Customer Services using our online form by clicking here